9 Jul 2012

Vacu Vin Active Wine Cooler: Review

The Vacu Vin Active Wine Cooler is definitely a very cool wine accessory. It can be stored in the freezer, takes up only a small amount of freezer space and waits for those days when you need chilled wine quickly. The Active Wine Cooler chills drinks after 5 minutes and keeps drinks cool for hours.

I put my wine in the purple cooler and it chilled the wine in 5 minutes, although my hubby preferred  leaving the wine in the cooler for a few minutes longer.  I have a vintage glass bottle with a clip top and it chilled the water in 5 minutes, better still if you leave the sleeve on for 10 minutes and the water is then really cold.

My hubby resorts to putting wine in the freezer when we forget to chill it down, and now he won't have to struggle to find room in the freezer for the bottle, and we mostly manage to forget we have put a bottle of wine in!  If you go on a picnic these coolers are a great way to keep drinks chilled, and if the fridge is full and you've ran out of space, they are a brilliant idea.  The coolers are unbreakable,  reusable and will make a great gift too. 

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The coolers can be bought from Amazon, independent retailers, supermarkets and online.

Thank you Pam for sending me the Vacu Vin Wine Cooler for review.