20 Dec 2010


Yet another Christmas cake! These cakes are now a tradition on Kitchen Delights and show just how easy it is to create your own iced Christmas cake, without having to use royal icing or spend hours and hours creating a masterpiece.

For this cake all I used was a couple of Christmas tree cutters, edible red glitter and stars, all of which are available from sugarcraft shops or online.

I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year. I will be back in the new year with lots more recipes and photographs.

Thank you to all readers from around the world who have stopped by and looked at my food blog. Also, a huge thank you for leaving such generous comments.

14 Dec 2010

Jamie Oliver's Recipease, Clapham Junction

On a very, very cold day a couple of weeks ago I went to Recipease, Jamie's food and kitchen shop for a Delicious Cocktail and Perfect Pud class.

Recipease not only looks fabulous from the outside but is a cook and foodies paradise inside. You can have an eat-in or take-out breakfast, buy a delicious latte, freshly prepared meals, books, chocolates and products from the Jamie at Home range.

We were a friendly group mainly made up of females, with a couple of men, (one of whom was my son who treated me to this class) the age range was from thirty, to quite a few people who were around my age! It was a good mix of ages and worked very well.

We were soon put through our paces by Lee, our friendly class tutor, who helped us get a vanilla cheesecake with a raspberry coulis topping and a vanilla cranberry base for our Bellini's, made in just under an hour.

After we had finished our class, we all sat around a table and had a slice of the tutors cheesecake and a glass of Bellini, into which Lee came round and sprinkled over some orange sugar. A few people in the class were celebrating birthdays or other special occasions, which all added to the experience. Whilst we were all indulging, Lee the tutor, packed our tinned cheesecake, raspberry coulis, vanilla cranberry base and a bottle of Prosecco into a rectangle carry away box.

I can recommend a class at Jamie's, no matter what your skill level is, it's just a great way to have some fun!

Maybe next time I will go to the Pasta Master Class - I have a pasta machine that has only come out of the box once - oh well...............!

12 Dec 2010

Chocolate Craft - Dark Chocolate, Orange and Grand Marnier Truffles

When asked by Chocolate Craft if I would like to taste Dark Chocolate Orange and Grand Marnier infused Truffles, I couldn't resist, and on your behalf I have duly taste tested them!

The hand made truffles are made from 70% cocoa mass dark chocolate, sugar, fresh Hampshire cream, Grand Marnier, glucose, natural orange pieces, orange essential oil and vanilla.

There is a thick layer of the most gorgeous dark smooth chocolate, topped with a Grand Marnier truffle layer and rolled in pieces of dark chocolate.

These stylish truffles are the best I have ever eaten, the dark chocolate and Grand Marnier truffles are exquisite.

If you would like to try these beautifully presented truffles and other hand made chocolates in their range, they can be bought direct from Chocolate Craft or their stockists.

Chocolate Craft - The Alresford Chocolate Company - had a stand for the first time at Taste Of Christmas, London and they were extremely delighted by all the positive feedback they got to their brand and are now to exhibit at more shows in the future.

Many thanks to everyone at Chocolate Craft.

5 Dec 2010

BBC Winter Good Food Show NEC Birmingham 2010

I have been spoilt again! I was invited to have a Press Pass for the day, which gave both me and my husband an amazing day out.

We set out on a very, very cold day to the Good Food Show, but I was so excited that I am not sure I even noticed just how cold it was!

First, off to the Press Registration Point to get our Press Passes, a much needed coffee and brownie then onto the exhibition hall to take as many photographs as possible, I think between us it was about 300 in total.

The Press Pass gave us the opportunity not only to engage with the exhibitor's but also to encourage them to do some 'posing' for photographs, which they all loved. A huge thank you to all of the exhibitors who kindly gave us their time.

We met lots of lovely people, saw some wonderful products and ate lots of amazing food too.

Two of the smiliest lady exhibitors at the show.

A very happy Hog Roast gentleman and very tasty the Hog Roast was too.

Bohra Bites, most vibrant stand and three of the proudest exhibitors.

The Chilli Queen, ah, such a lovely lady.

Celebrity Chef Mitch Tonks with Tom Parker Bowles about to start his demonstration.

Kenwood Cooking World Stand - the Kenwood developmental chef, on the right, with celebrity chef Martin Blunos, on the left.

Bottle Green - it was so cold outside even the bottles had to wear a scarf!

World Cheese Awards - this exhibition was a cheese lovers paradise.

Thank you to Ginny, BBC Haymarket Exhibitions and the Winter BBC Good Food Show Birmingham for a really great day out!

1 Dec 2010


I've got the glitter bug! Ask me to make either a cupcake or a cake for Christmas and glitter always makes an appearance. It's something to do with my love of Christmas bling, which is perhaps the only time I can realistically get away with it.

My cupcakes are a vanilla flavoured sponge topped with lemon flavoured royal icing. The cupcakes were baked in gold foil cases and when the cupcakes have cooled down, the peaks are cut off with a knife to give a level cake surface. Smother the cupcakes in icing and leave to set.

Cut out some fondant icing shapes and leave them to dry for a while. Brush with a little water and dust the shapes with glitter. Now brush the underneath of the fondant shapes with water and place onto the cupcakes. Sprinkle with yet more glitter.